• Nicole Lovald

Overly Scheduled or Spontaneous?

Do you remember how to be spontaneous? Or, is your life so overly scheduled that you can’t recall the last time you did something just for the fun of it?

As a business owner, wife, and mom, my days are busy. I wake up in the morning to an alarm and my days are often managed by my google calendar.

I have a coaching client who recently shared with me (and I’m sharing with her permission) that although she wants to learn to play the guitar, she can’t seem to ever find the time to pick it up and practice. She shared that the setting needs to be right for her to play and so the only time she finds herself practicing is when it’s scheduled into her day (often after the kids are in bed and everything on her to do list is accomplished).

During this conversation, I wondered aloud; what would it take for you to spontaneaously pick up the guitar and just play for a few minutes? Instead of grabbing another load of laundry or unloading the dishwasher - could you put that on hold for a few minutes and do something for yourself instead?

If we are always living by our schedules and not tuning in to what is important to us, we might lose sight of those things after awhile. If we are always waiting for the perfect time, place, or environment, we might be waiting forever before we accomplish that goal we’ve set out for ourself or that life experience we’ve always wanted to have.