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A Spiritual Memoir packed with practical tools you can use to lessen your stress and start living your best life!


"Loved this book! Every page felt like it was my story untold. I love how Nicole spoke openly about the battles of the corporate world, being a mom, wife and surviving. So many of us feel we're alone and there is no way out. Nicole's words not only bring comfort and some laughs but hope and a way out. A must read and purchase for every woman in your life!"

"I could not put this book down. I loved the way Nicole is so honest and true about how she was lives her life but loving her life. I am so inspired."

"I was drawn in immediately with Nicole's introduction and could relate to the experiences and insights she shared. Throughout the book, I was reminded of what I have learned on my journey and encouraged to learn new ways of moving forward. I love how she weaved the history of yoga and yoga learnings throughout the book. I have picked up some of these concepts through the years, but feel like I have a ready resource now in this book to go back and review and deepen my understanding. I appreciated how she welcomed non-yoga folks to witness her journey through her stories, and then take what works for them into their lives. I heard a compassionate and wise voice throughout this book."

What a wonderful read! A heartfelt narrative of Nicole's journey from her corporate career to her search for enlightenment after recognizing that her passion lay elsewhere (not in a corporate cubicle!). Such a gift that Nicole found a new path as a yoga studio owner and instructor. I also appreciated the practical resources at the end of the book to incorporate into my own life so I can have more "mindful moments." Nicole truly embodies what it means to "move through the world with humility and grace," and her book is filled with nuggets of wisdom and inspiration!

"The author shares her journey from corporate climber to a yogi looking for balance in our crazy and hectic world. The telling is authentic and personal, but rings true to all of us humans. We have all experienced things she shares in her journey. The book also offers good strategies for the reader to use...or not, as she states several times. It isn't preachy, but instead provides a story of a woman and her journey, which is much like many peoples internal journeys. Its a light and short read too."

"This book does a great job describing the journey to finding "your" yoga practice. We all enter this journey at different points and stages, but her description of how yoga has changed her life is described in such an inspiring and approachable way. I enjoyed the higher view about how yoga can help with all aspects of life at every stage. Great questions and meditation prompts throughout the book too!"

"Most powerful for me in this book is the examination of how we define success and achievement. I believe her experience in Corporate America is similar to that of many high achievers in the corporate world, so it is very relatable. Through her journey, she shares how she changed and grew and what she learned. She provides many of the practices she has used on her journey and encourages us to practice self-care even if for only 3 minutes a day to start. Both inspirational and practical."

             ABOUT THE BOOK
Om Sweet Om is an inspiring story about how a stressed-out corporate junkie found her way to a yoga mat and eventually back to her self. After fifteen years of working in the lands of cubicles with unreasonable deadlines and unhealthy habits, she realized that there had to be a better way to live. She had lost sight of how to take care of herself and her body was letting her know that something had to give. Om Sweet Om provides her journey and transformation - as well as the practical tools she used on her mindi-body-spirit path.

In this book you will find hope and humor, raw emotion and vulnerability, and endless wisdom. The practical exercises sprinkled throughout provide for a life-changing experience and will appeal to anyone who has found themselves searching. No matter what it is you seek, Om Sweet Om shares how to quiet the inner mind chatter and unnecessary striving, so that you can become whole again.
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