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Nicole Lovald is a former corporate addict turned yoga teacher, life coach, and self-care advocate. She helps people reconnect with their bodies, calm their minds, and live the life they have imagined for themselves. She is the owner of Spirit of the Lake Yoga and Wellness Center in Excelsior, MN.

Nicole is also a trained counselor who has spent her career helping veterans, at-risk children, and victims of violence and abuse. Even during her high heel and business suit wearing days, she was passionate about helping people overcome adversity, change limiting beliefs, and create a more fulfilling existence.

After 15 years working in the land of cubicles, she knew something was missing and that she had to listen to her hearts calling and change directions. She found yoga as an avenue for quieting her mind so that she could listen to her intuition to uncover what was missing in her life. She fell in love with how yoga made her feel and slowly learned that it provided her with the answers that she was so desperately searching for.

Going through a teacher training program and learning how to Live Your Yoga was the catalyst for major change in her life. She learned how to overcome chronic stress (so that her hair was no longer falling out) through the self-care practices of yoga, meditation, and breath work.

Experiencing incredible transformation made her realize how powerful these practices are. She now shares with her students what she has learned through her journey of climbing the corporate ladder to wearing flip flops and yoga pants.

It is her mission to help others experience similar affects; to learn how to step away from the rat race, or at the very least, learn how to better manage it. A life full of joy, ease, and wellbeing is her ultimate hope for everyone she has the opportunity to come in contact with.