• Nicole Lovald

The Beauty of Letting Go

We know the only constant in our lives is change. There is a natural rhythm to the sun, moon, earth and sky. If you look to nature and the cycles of life, we know that there is beauty in the change of seasons.

In the fall our earth reminds us that it’s a time to shed and release. Winter brings a time of quiet contemplation. During the spring we experience a rebirth and renewed energy. Summer is full as we soak in the sun, long days, and abundance around us.

As we move through our lives, there are natural cycles as well. Ayurveda philosophy teaches us that throughout the stages of our lives we require different lifestyle choices (food, exercise, rest) in order to bring us balance. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are nourished by our acceptance and fluidity with the cycles that we are experiencing.

If we look back to the person we were five, ten, fifteen, twenty years ago, compared to who we are today, we are likely different. Our views have changed. What we value might be slightly different. How we want to spend our time and with whom has evolved.

So why is it that we try to continue to maintain relationships that no longer serve us in this season of life?

As we change and evolve, often the people who we connect with and want to spend time with may change and evolve as well. Yet, we hold on.