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Learn how to bring more joy into being a parent with this self-paced course!

Mindfulness practices and strategies for becoming more present with yourself and your family. Learn how to be less reactive and more patient. Stop just going through the motions to get through the day and better manage your stress so that you might find enjoyment in parenting.

What would it feel like to be able to slow down and truly see your child/children for who they are?

How would it feel to respond with love and care instead of anger or resentment?

Can you imagine a less stressful and more joyful home for you and your family?

The Course

Module 1: Autonomic Parenting
Introduction to Mindfulness | Learn Your Stress Response

Module 2: Beginner's Mind Parenting

Beginner's Mind | Loving Kindness | Gratitude | Mindful Seeing

Module 3: Reconnecting with Your Body

Reconnecting With Your Body | Watching Your Body | Mindful Movement

Module 4: Responding vs. Reacting to Parenting Stress
Expanding Your Awareness | Grasping & Pushing Away | Acceptance

What to Expect...

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to manage their stress as a parent to create a calmer and more enjoyable home environment. Using the principles of mindfulness and resiliency, each week will provide you with opportunities to integrate the teachings into your daily life.

You will be guided and supported by Nicole throughout this self-paced course. The modules are curated in short segements (10-15 minutes each) so that you can fit it into your busy schedule. Each module will contain mindfulness practices, meditations and home practices to do on your own. You will be able to go back to each of the practices as often as you'd like.

Pricing :$125

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