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Om Sweet Om:



Meditations for your health & wellbeing:

Relaxation & destress

Mood buster

Sleep well

Calm body and mind

Hard people, kind thoughts

Gratitude and appreciation

Loving Kindness

& MORE...

Mindfulness & Guided Imagery:


Mindful Eating

Mindful Breathing

Wise Guide Imagery

Safe Place Imagery

Body Scan to release tension

& MORE...

It's time to take care of you.


I've experienced the profound effects of meditation firsthand and I want to share them with you!



You already know that meditation can help you feel;






and so much more


But, it's easy to let the busyness of your life take over and soon you realize you've completely forgotten about your practice. Or, maybe you are looking for a teacher to help guide you and support you as you venture deeper.


I'm here to help.



Let me introduce you to the Om Sweet Om Meditation Membership!

With this membership you have access to dozens of meditations to help you be more productive at work, kinder to your children and/or family, and more joyful in your heart. 


Each month will include a new meditation to guide you on your path to living the life you've imagined for yourself. 



What's included?

































BONUS: Additional meditations just for kids!


Do you have kids in your life that would benefit from learning how to control their body, to calm their worries, and be happier/healthier? 


Help your kids with test anxiety, social worries, body image, and teach them to find a place of peace and love within. Share your membership with the littles in your life so that they, too, can learn how to care for themselves.

Cloud Meditation | Sleepy Time | Kind & Happy Heart 



All of this for just $9.99 a month!




Yoga at Home


Calm your body and mind 

Improve your sleep & wellbeing

Increase your concentration

Rocks of Balance

Be Present

Learn to be more mindful

Increase your happiness

Become more aware of body-mind

Man Sleeping
Guided Imagery


Connect with your inner self

Relax and refocus your mind

See the changes you want

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