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Strength Over Stress

Learn how to turn your stress into a strength!

Heading 2

Learn how to live a mindful, grateful, purposeful, and joyful life!

Learn how to take better care of YOU with soulful self-care strategies!

Full Life Formula

Soulful Self-Care

Our self-paced courses are set up to support you whether you have an hour a week to commit to the teachings or twenty. Move through the videos, meditations, and workbooks as your schedule allows. Enjoy practical tools and easy-to-implement strategies and your path to living a less stress-filled and more connected and joyful life!

Don't miss out on our BE INSPIRED section in each course.



"I've been a dedicated yogi for a long time and haven't found anything quite like Nicole Lovald's SOS: Strength Over Stress course. The modules are structured in such a way that they are short, manageable, and infinitely helpful for anyone who wants all the benefits of meditation practice but can't always make it into a yoga studio. I especially loved how she was talking directly to the busy professional, those of us with jobs, kids, and endless responsibilities. You can tell that despite Nicole's calming voice and dedication to yoga, she knows the pressures of corporate life and how to teach people to tap into their inner strength and perseverance to find calm. 


My favorite module was the "Mood Buster" meditation. What a perfect gift to give yourself on a rough day! I could feel my mind getting more focused as I sat through it. 


Whether you are an experienced yogi or someone just entertaining the idea of bringing a short meditation into your daily life, Nicole Lovald's SOS: Strength Over Stress course is the perfect way to prioritize your well being in a meaningful and positive way!"

- Roseanne C.

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